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Classic Car Leds

GLB504 T10 LED Capless Wedge Bulbs Classic Car Gauge Dashboard Various Colours

GLB504 T10 LED Capless Wedge Bulbs Classic Car Gauge Dashboard Various Colours

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These multidirectional LED bulbs are a simple, quick and direct replacement for your older style standard 504 bulbs and have the additional benefit of reducing your power consumption to a much lower level to save your older wiring.

12V T10 SMD LED Bulbs. They will work with vehicles fitted with 12v batteries Positive ( Positive Ground ) or Negative earth. Available in White, Warm White, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow/Amber. Please select the required colour and number you need from the drop down menu. Do not use them to upgrade your ignition warning light as it will change the charging properties of the circuit.

These bulbs typically last up to 30,000 hours so no worries about having to replace them again anytime soon.

Suitable for many other classic cars or applications that have the standard T10 / GLB504 3w Wedge fitting. 27 mm bulb length (Red and yellow are 30 mm). Also suitable for VDO gauges Cockpit, Vision and International. These LEDs are polarity sensitive so will only work one way around in your holder. If they do not light, please remove the LED from the holder and put it back in the other way around. Not recommended for use where you have a printed circuit board or lamp holders with conjoined contacts as they can cause a short circuit and blow the fuse or damage to the printed board. Please contact us for compatibility details.

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Part Number: 12VT10CAN

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