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MGB / MGBGT / MGC Chrome Bumper LED Bulb Upgrade Kit

MGB / MGBGT / MGC Chrome Bumper LED Bulb Upgrade Kit


We have produced a simple kit to upgrade all the standard fit bulbs for your car.  The kit comprises a choice of interior bulbs, exterior bulbs (with or without headlights) or both:

 Bulb Use Number of Bulbs Lucas Reference Colour Options
Gauges 4 GLB987 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Interior 2 GLB239 / 254 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Cigar Lighter 1 GLB643 White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red
Indicator Warning Bulbs 2 GLB987 Green
Main Beam Warning 1 GLB987 Blue
Headlights 2 H4 White, Warm White
Indicator Bulbs 4 GLB382 Amber
Indicator Relay 1 2 Pin Relay FL19
Stop / Tail 2 GLB380 Red
Reverse 2 GLB273 White, Warm White
Front Sidelight 2 GLB989 White, Warm White
Number Plate 2 GLB207 White, Warm White


When ordering, please make it clear which colour bulbs you need where options are given.  If you have hazards fitted, you will also need to upgrade your hazard relay.  These can be purchased here.

If you need anything changed on this list, please call us on 0800 246 5678 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.



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