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Fiat Abarth Evo Punto LED Upgrade Kit

Fiat Abarth Evo Punto LED Upgrade Kit

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Over the last few months we've been working with owners to develop a range of LEDs suitable for upgrading the Evo to LED for all those fittings that can be upgraded without causing CanBus errors.  The list below shows the complete options currently available. Parts marked * must be purchased together to avoid CanBus Errors.  We also have a kit for the Grande.

The kit below can be purchased complete from this page or you can follow the hyperlinks below against the CCL Part Number to purchase individual items should you wish a part upgrade.

For fitting the Headlights and Front Sidelights, please refer to our fitting tips which can be downloaded from this link.  All other items should be plug and play replacements for the original lamps.

Function Lucas Ref. Colour No.
CCL Part Number
Headlights H4 6000k 2 H4ZES1X2
Front Fog H11
6000k 2 H11CSPX2
Front Sidelight * 501 6000k 2 12VT10T15CAN
Sidelight Resistor * - - 2
Front Indicator 581 Amber 2 12VBAUCANBUSN
Side Repeater 501 Amber 2 12VT10SMAM
Rear Indicator 581
Reverse 382 6000k 1 12V15SCREE
Number Plate 501 6000k 2 12VT10CANWH20
Boot Light 501 6000k 1 12VT10HPWH
Interior Roof Lights 36mm 6000k 2 12V36WHCANB


Part Number: AbarthEvo

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