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These are just a few of the previous customer comments that we have received.  Most individual products now have reviews so we are not adding many further ones to this summary. 

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Will Parker on 16.01.19

In June of last year, myself and several others from our Classic Car Club were headed to Wales for a weekend away when we were struck by a biblical torrential downpour on the M56. Lights were switched on as visibility fell to pretty much zero, relying on the lights of the car in front to see the path ahead, crawling along.

When we got to Wales, the guy following me told me that he could hardly see my car at all, the dull glow from my tail lights unable to be seen through the murk. Had it been a HGV following me and I had to brake suddenly, well, it doesn’t bear thinking about...

I had used LED bulbs in the past, mainly purchased from sellers on EBay. These had left me disappointed as flickering and premature failure became a regular occurrence. After looking at the performance of the LEDs installed on a Sunbeam Tiger owned by a pal of mine, he recommended Classic Car LEDs to me.

I ordered tail light, side light, reverse light and interior light LEDs, opting for warm white for the last 3 sets. Delivery was pretty much instant, I ordered them early afternoon and they were received the next day.

When I opened the package, I was immediately impressed by the quality of these LEDs. A great first impression. Fitting was easy and when switching on for the first time, the difference was remarkable.

The acid test was getting caught in another torrential downpour in the Lake District in September (made a habit of that last year), while not as bad as the Welsh downpour, the new bulbs performed magnificently.

Duncan, the proprietor was a great help and certainly knows his stuff, especially when I decided to convert my modern Alfa to LED. I have two Classics currently being restored, there’s only one company I will be using for their light sources.

Chris Shaw on 02.07.18
Like many other classic car enthusiasts, I have been watching the development of LED lamps for some time, but have not felt that the combination of beam control, light output, price and cooling space requirements behind the light quite yet met the needs of my cars.  Whilst looking for bulb holders I stumbled across the  Classic Car LEDs website and was immediately interested by the presentation of information about the wide range of products available. Here at last is a website that has all the information needed to make an informed decision about equipping a classic car with LED lights.
However the space requirements of the current (May2018) H4 and H7 bulbs were so close to the measurements I had taken from my cars (TR7, Classic Saab 900 and Peugeot 205) I felt I needed to discuss the fitting.  I spoke with Duncan, who is most knowledgeable, and although for the time being H4 and H7 bulbs won't fit my (non standard) lights I am satisfied about all other aspects of the bulbs that Classic Car LEDs sell but for the time being will need to await the next developments in cooling space requirements.
I am also concerned that with the increasing brightness of modern cars' exterior lights the dull illumination of classic cars is a safety hazard and that brake and indicator lamps with tungsten bulbs and tired reflectors won't be noticed in the glare put out by modern cars with LED exterior lights. Classic Car LEDs have a full range of exterior and interior bulbs.  Further to our discussion, Duncan assembled a kit of LED bulbs for my TR7 and mailed it to me.  I received it the next day.  It was easy to fit, although I needed to ask advice on fitting the indicator and hazard flasher units.  I was most impressed with the performance of the lights, giving a better colour and much brighter and even spread of light within the lens, build quality of the bulbs, the labeling of the kit so that I got the bulbs in the right places and the overall price.
From my experience with Classic Car LEDs I am confident in their advice, their products and their service and will progressively re-equip all of my cars with their products.  Further I am very happy to recommend them to any classic car owner wishing to upgrade their head, auxiliary, exterior and interior lights. You won't be disappointed.

Cannot recommend enough

Sam Whittaker on 25.8.17

I cannot recommend Classic Car LEDs enough. They are helpful and knowledgeable.

This is now my second purchase from them and they were extremely patient and explained how to convert my headlamps to LED's including which light units and wiring I needed in addition to the led bulbs.

My previous purchase resulted in my rear lights and sides being so much brighter than before and so much safer in poor weather.

The ammeter hardly moves!

Thanks so much for a quality product and expert support.

Sam Whittaker


Mike Rigg on March 21,2017

This company proved to be brilliant in more ways than one. Not only are my lights on my 69 mgb now shining more brilliantly then they have ever done so but the advice and help from Duncan was also brilliant. He helped me choose the correct bulbs and gave me advice when I couldn't fit one bulb, plus advice when I couldn't get the flasher working. The problem with the flasher was down to incorrect wiring on the car, now sorted, and the difficulty with the sidelight bulb was down to an aftermarket back plate. Will now look at changing the instrument bulbs. Great to deal with.

P36S LEDs on my Jaguar Mk2 Positive Earth

Really impressed with the quality of construction. If I was presented with these as a component for the International Space Station I would have believed you.

The light is crisper & brighter yet the current draw is only a fraction of the filament equivalent. Much better than the yellow battery killing glow of standard. This lighter light for less load is a priority for me:

I wish to retain the dynamo to preserve the power steering take-off & positive earth wiring (including original radio). I have reduced demand & so effectively the performance of an alternator is achieved without the cost because the dynamo can now supply far more than the car needs because of the reduced load.

Heat & old wiring; the massive reduction in load gives me confidence the 50 year old wiring in my car will last a lot longer without breaking down or requiring replacement any day soon.

I have been buying bulbs & other components from Classic Car LEDs over the last 6 months or so & have found them to be knowledgeable, helpful & courteous, and my dealing with other suppliers left me cold because I was no expert in their business; Classic Car LEDs take my poorly informed requests and turn it into a simple order.

You may be able to buy an LED here or there a little cheaper but really, and I refer to Ruskin in common law of business balance is the principle that one cannot pay a little and get a lot; with Classic Car LEDs you do pay a little, and you do get a lot, but you get a lot more besides.

1952 MGTD Positive Earth

Robert Flowers on Aug 26, 2016
I just installed the tail / brake LED's and the LED's in my front fender lamps. What an incredible difference. The fender lamps are brighter than I could have imagined and the tail / brake lights are bright as well. I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Thank you.

Classic choice. Series 2 E-Type Jaguar

The pictures demonstrating the different light quality between the bulbs helped me to decide on Warm White as the most suitable for my 1969 cars side, interior, map and number plate lamps. I am totally impressed with the results - a brighter even spread of light throughout the lenses and no hint of that LED intensity at the source. The 2 bulbs in the interior light give it the appearance of being lit by a tube! No more yellow - white - yellow striped appearance. Warm white is the choice for classic cars.

Totally illuminating! Series 2 E-Type Jaguar

Having read numerous articles on LED replacements it was time to take things further and the information supplied on the website was further complemented by assistance from Duncan in making my choices. The lens is now completely flooded with light of a superb colour and intensity - no more bright spot in the centre fading out to the edges. The brake light is equally impressive with an increase in strength over the tail light that should get the desired reaction from drivers behind but does not throw an annoying beam at you like many of the modern exposed LEDs. Great product with service to match.

MK2 Jaguar H4 upgrade Positive earth

In 2000 I swapped the sealed beam headlamp units for Lucas H4 Halogen; great for brightness but not good for dynamo. Reducing draw is my key aim, and so I am happy to report the astonishing results of swapping out the H4 lamps for a a pair of these LED replacements; literally brilliant, and the dip on the ammeter is negligible compared to the huge swing with the Halogens, and so much whiter and brighter. Easy swap, and I recommend it to all. No cooling fans, fabulous construction, cannot speak highly enough, and headlamps used with impunity on our cloudy rainy UK days.

Dave Moore on July 28, 2016
I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent advice. The LEDs were a big improvement in brightness. The flasher unit was easy to fit.  Really worth it. Feel free to use this testimonial on your website :) 


Quality bulbs in every way

Was having trouble fitting cheap Ebay LED bulbs into the standard Jaguar E Type socket due to them being too large. Duncan advised and supplied these quality bulbs which arrived the next day, fitted perfectly and were much neater and brighter than the Ebay ones. He also advised amber bulbs (not white) behind amber lenses for best results. Great advice and service from Classic Car LEDs means I will be returning there again.

Delighted :blush:
Mr William Emond on Apr 02, 2016

I dont normaly wright reveiws but im so pleased with these bulbs that credit i feel has to be given when credit is due. I ordered 2 Red, tail light/stop light led bulbs from Classic Car LEDs, as an upgrade from hologen on my 54 plate mondeo, i stay just south of Glasgow they arived within 72 hours by royal mail, i was not in a rush for them, but that is service. The bulbs are QUALITY in looks, touch & definatly operotion, they give off a bright crisp red light superior to normal bulbs without dazzeling drivers behind you. They are well worth the money, "well in my opinion", because i tryed quite a few other makes without sucsess, for one reason or another they just would not do & had given up hope finding what i wanted, im so glad i persivered. Classic leds are justified when they say they are proud of there leds & i have no hesitation at all in recomending them

Graham on May 01, 2016

I needed some LED lamps in a hurry, Duncan was able to facilitate this by providing next day mail for a reasonable additional cost. I bought the green LEDs for the gauges as the original illumination was green by way of covers over the bulbs which had long since disintegrated. The LEDs give a very pleasing green hue to the instruments without all the down sides of standard tungsten lamps. 

Then when I found I had problems, the cigarette lighter illumination, a warning light and an oil pressure gauge, Duncan was able to talk through the problem (apparently he had the same issue with the gauge on his car) and provide a solution. The additional items were sent out very quickly and shortly after I signed for them I got an email to follow up, had they sorted the problem, and they had. 
I am very impressed with the level of service I received and the product is great too, so often these days it seems that service is just too much trouble and an inconvenience to the vendor, not so here. 
Thank you.


Abbey Iona 1997
Phil on Jun 01, 2016

I purchased a pair of these for my OLD caravan, Bunk Lighting. Having tried to use Chinese ones that the lamp part was too wide.
These fitted perfectly.

Upgrade your old Morgan's dashboard instruments with LED illumination

Ernst Gantenbein on Apr 14, 2016

I upgraded my 45 year old Morgan 4/4 dashboard instruments with GLB987 E10 MES White LEDs, replacing the older E10 bulbs.
Delivery from Classic Car LEDs is excellent! Very fast and reliable! The service provided by the owner Duncan is very friendly, competent and extremely responsive! Wow!
The LEDs are of great quality, the change from the old E10 bulbs to LED needs some attention because of the somewhat not so precise quality of the old bulb holders, but works fine.
Bottom line: Excellent service and delivery, great product quality, great improvement of the instrument illumination compared with the older E10 bulbs!
Thanks very much Duncan!

Great LED illumination improvement of older dashboard instruments!

Ernst Gantenbein on Apr 23, 2016

I have replaced all the previous old E10 bulbs of my Morgan 4/4 1972 dashboard instruments with the new LED bulbs!
It is a great improvement, the LED bulbs are perfect, the readability in the night is greatly improved, .... and the delivery service of the seller is just outstanding!!!
I really can highly recommend both, products and seller!
Thanks very much!
Ernst Gantenbein, Switzerland

Steven Beehoo 
on July 9, 2016

Hi, Just a quick thanks for such a good product. The results are a great improvement over the old bulbs, the light given off is much brighter on both indicators and stop/ tail lights and the former perform much better at all engine revs, giving constant flash repeat.

Thanks again.

Please let me know as soon as you have the LED headlights. I presume the side lights will be LED also.



Flasher Relay

Jon Akroyd  on June 27, 2016

Hi Duncan, I just fitted the modified relay and it works perfectly flashing at constant rate under all loads and engine speeds.

Thanks very much for sorting this out so quickly. Working in the aircraft industry where it usually takes months to sort similar problems, it's really refreshing to deal with a company that acknowledges the issue, produces a satisfactory modification and gets it out to the customer so quickly, it really is great service!

Once again thanks!




Mk2 Jag Bulbs

Colin Nairns on April 25,2016

I’ll return these two stop / tail lights and the Festoon bulbs to you and I’d be grateful if you would exchange them for two red offset pin stop/tail bulbs and the six festoon bulbs for the warm white version. I agree with you regarding the red stop lights and that is what I would prefer. I found the same with the indicators, having tried LEDS in them in the past and the light is too pale using white LEDs. 

Thanks again for your quick response and I will certainly be recommending your company and your excellent service to many of my friends who own classic cars, and to the two car clubs that I am a member of – The Jaguar Enthusiast Club and the Morris Minor Owners Club. 


MGA Gauge Bulbs
Mauro Altaripa 
on April 5, 2016

Hello Duncan,

sorry if I write only now, work problems .... the package with LED lights arrived several days ago and today I installed the LED ... very beautiful, everything works well, finally I see the gauges... I am very happy!!!!

Many Thanks ... Best Regards from Italy


Spitfire Dash Bulbs
Jim Holmgren 
on June 9,2016

Loving my Spitfire's new dash bulbs - thanks!

Spitfire Green Gauge Bulbs
Dietmar Hankeln 
 on May 5, 2016

My Spitfire with green LED ...what an amazing improvement

TR6 LED Bulbs
Jim Pullen 
on April 9, 2016

Hi, Just a quick note to say thanks! Just bought some bulbs for my TR6, they arrived next day and work a treat. The difference is quite something. I'll be working out what I need to replace all the old bulbs now...