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P36S BPF LED Bulb LLB185 LLB323 Cree High Power 1000 Lumen Fog Driving Light



£19.50 each or £34.99 per pair.  Further reductions for multiple bulbs.

Incredible 1000 Lumen output from these 12V Cree Led 6000k white P36S 185 323 LED Bulbs  

Voltage: 12V  DC
Lumen: 1000 approx
Beam Angle: 360 degree
Bulb Type: P36S 185 323  Single Contact Single Filament
Sizes: 56mm total length
Power: 80W light output (16 x 5W CREE XB-R5 LED Chip for Each Bulb)
Current Drawn is ONLY 700 mA per bulb so dramatically reduces the strain on your system
Colour: Pure White
Colour temperature: 6000-6500K (Pure White)
Material: Aluminium
Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours (Normal Use)


·       High luminous efficiency, super bright.
·       Excellent heat dissipation, low power consumption and long service life.
·       Fast on/ off response time.
·       Environmentally friendly, no light pollution and energy saving.
·       Easy to install and use.
·       Projector Lens for additional LED brightness at a much greater distance than a standard bulb      
·       Not polarity sensitive so will suit negative and positive earth

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