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Triumph TR6 LED Bulb Upgrade Kit


We have produced a simple kit to upgrade all the standard fit lamps for your car. The hyperlinks below will take you to the individual products recommended should you wish to part upgrade.

When ordering, please also make it clear which colour LEDs you need where options are given and also which number plate bulbs are required as these vary with the year of the car. This information can be sent to us by email or by using the order notes section available at checkout. Your order will be delayed until we receive this information as there are so many options.

The kit is for a UK spec car (please refer to the notes for NA cars and note you will need additional lamps for the rear side markers as these are not included below) and comprises of:

Bulb Use Lucas Reference Number Required Colour Options
Headlights H4 2 White, Warm White
Front Sidelights # GLB989 2 White, Warm White
Side Repeaters GLB989 2 Warm White (Best behind an amber lens)
Indicator Bulbs # GLB382 4 Amber
Flasher / Hazard relay 2 Pin / 2 Pin 2
Stop / Tail GLB380 2 Red
Reverse Lights GLB382 2 White, Warm White
Number Plate Bulbs GLB207 (to 1973) 2 White, Warm White
GLB239 39mm (1973 on) 2 White, Warm White
Speedometer GLB987 2 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Main Beam Warning GLB987 1 Blue
Indicator Warning GLB987 1 Green
Rev Counter GLB987 2 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Small Gauges GLB987 4 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Hazard Warning Bulb GLB281 1 Warm White
Interior Light GLB239 39mm 1 White, Warm White
Boot Light GLB256 36mm 7SV 1 White, Warm White
Key Illumination GLB987 1 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Courtesy Light GLB281 2 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Glove Box GLB987 1 White, Warm White, Blue, Green

# North American cars 1969 - '74 To CF27000 have dual filament 1157 GLB380 combined indicator and side light bulbs rather than 2 separate bulbs. If you require this option, please specify this when placing your order. We can provide these in white/amber or warm white/amber dual colour options.

If you need anything changed on this list, please call us on 0800 246 5678 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.

All prices shown exclude UK VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Generic Part Number: TR6KIT

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