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OUR BEST INDICATOR BULBS JUST GOT AN UPGRADE, produced after months of development work.

These LED bulbs are a simple, quick and direct replacement for your older style standard GLB382 BA15S bulbs and have the additional benefit of reducing your power consumption to a much lower level to save your older wiring.

This is a set of 4 x 12V 700 Lumen Amber LEDs.  The LEDs are 46mm in length to comfortably fit under the lens cover.  These LEDs will not wash out your amber lens colour and will give you a brighter result than you get with standard filament bulbs.  

Available in Negative or Positive Earth variants.  Please select the required option from the drop down menu.

Also provided is a 2/3 Pin 12V LED Electronic Flasher Relay to ensure your flash rate is correct and stays constant irrespective of load.  The relay provides the OE ticking sound which is not commonly found with many electronic relays.  You will need to add / connect an additional earth wire if not already fitted to your relay.  Further specifications for the relays can be found on our separate listing for the relays only.  Please select the type of relay you need with the kit from the drop down menu.

If you have hazards fitted to your vehicle, please also order an additional 2 or 3 pin relay from our relays section as this will be required to ensure your LEDs light correctly.

 All prices shown exclude UK VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Generic Part Number: INDKIT1

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