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OUR BEST INDICATOR BULBS JUST GOT AN UPGRADE, produced after months of development work.

These LED bulbs are a simple, quick and direct replacement for your older style standard GLB382 BA15S bulbs and have the additional benefit of reducing your power consumption to a much lower level to save your older wiring.

This is a set of 4 x 12V 700 Lumen Amber LEDs. The LEDs are 46mm in length to comfortably fit under the lens cover. These LEDs will not wash out your amber lens colour and will give you a brighter result than you get with standard filament bulbs.

Available in Negative or Positive Earth variants. Please select the required option from the drop down menu.

Also provided is a 12V LED Electronic Flasher Relay of your choice to ensure your flash rate is correct and stays constant irrespective of load. The relay provides the OE ticking sound which is not commonly found with many electronic relays. You will need to add / connect an additional earth wire if not already fitted to your relay. Further specifications for the relays can be found on our separate listing for the relays only. Please select the type of relay you need with the kit from the drop down menu. Please refer to the pictures for the item you need to ensure your connections match your vehicle requirements.

If you have hazards fitted to your vehicle, please also order an additional 2 or 3 pin relay from our relays section as this will be required to ensure your LEDs light correctly.

All prices shown exclude UK and EU VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Generic Part Number: INDKIT1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Richard Chalmers
Took a little work, but...

I bought this kit after buying an led headlight and led stop/tail for my 2002 Triumph Bonneville.

I was so impressed with the extra light output of the led's, I decided to convert all the bulbs on the bike.

The Bonnie has an older tech flasher relay, so this kit of bulbs and relay was ideal. I also required the diode kit, as my bike has a single indicator telltale light.

As I was going to have to get access to the warning light bulbs, (which is a pain) to fit the diode kit, I bought the coloured bulbs for them, plus a couple of white ones for the speedo illumination. The blue, high beam warning light is now actually visible in daylight!

Making your bike more visible is one of the most important aspects of motorbike safety. I feel these higher output led bulbs will help with that aim.

The service and support from Classic Car Led's has been great. I'll happily pass on your details to anyone interested. Many thanks.

Peter Robinson
Excellent upgrade

I use my Triumph Vitesse rear round, including touring holidays, so safety is paramount. This kit was a really simple upgrade - now my indicators can be seen clearly night and day. I also bought the LED hazard relay (needed if like me you already have hazards), and other safety bulbs like rear lights, stop lights and side lights.
Not only can I now be seen more easily, because they draw less power from the battery they can be left on for longer periods without risking a flat battery.
Easy to fit, great service too,

paul dines
Brilliant look

I fitted these to my Triumph Vitesse a couple of days ago and it was basically a simple plug and play with the relay ( the only extra bit was adding in the earth to the relay). I also fitted another electronic relay for my hazard lights - its one of those things that you hope you don't need, but its nice to know I can have the hazards on now for ages and still not kill the battery.Lights are nice and bright without being over the top.
I have been working my way through the car changing over to led's from here, its so nice to have the lights that still look original, but with the reliability and reduced load on my fifty year old wiring.

Jeremy Thomson
Excellent indicator kit

I installed these on my '91 Mini Cooper hoping to reduce the electrical load and make the lights a bit more visible. Well, they are significantly brighter while reducing the load. They fill the lens with a rich colour which stands out. The electronic relay works well and the 'clicking' sound is just right. The fact that the bulbs light up at 100% immediately is quite noticeable when next to the traditional bulb. I'm slowly working through converting all of the bulbs on the car. I highly recommend the product and the service from Classic Car LEDs.

Larry Hall
Pagoda indicator upgrade

Great indicator set, much brighter. Thanks