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1 x Canbus BRIGHT AMBER LED INDICATOR BULB No Hyperflash 7440 W21W T20 582 582A

1 x Canbus BRIGHT AMBER LED INDICATOR BULB No Hyperflash 7440 W21W T20 582 582A

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These LED bulbs are a simple, quick and direct replacement for your older style standard 7440 bulbs. They need no resistors or change of relay to stop hyperflash and are also canbus compatible. They are truly plug and play. These are designed for modern cars to fool the electronic flasher systems and not therefore guaranteed suitable for classics.

Please select the number required from the drop down menu. The price is for a single LED bulb.

Multiple amber SMD's in an aluminium body. Very strong and extensively tested. The LEDs are 56mm in length. These LED bulbs will not wash out your amber lens colour and will give you a rich brighter result than you get with standard filament bulbs. They can be used behind clear or amber lenses to great effect.

12 Month Build issue warranty on this product. We recommend that you only use your Hazard lights in an emergency. Unnecessary prolonged use of your hazard lights can lead to early failure of the LEDs. Not suitable for use with USDM Kits.

These are CANBUS compatible in the majority of cases and although unlikely with these, some vehicles still require extra load to stop bulb out warnings - most often when using 4 of these rather than just 2 but this issue is rare. This is not a fault with the LEDs as CANBUS systems do vary and it is impossible to match all. Ballast resistors can be purchased from us at very competitive prices if you do get a bulb out warning light.

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Part Number: 12V7440AMB

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