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12v Self Flashing 36mm Semaphore / Trafficator Amber LED Slimline 256

12v Self Flashing 36mm Semaphore / Trafficator Amber LED Slimline 256

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Worried about not getting noticed when using your semaphore arms?

These dual sided Amber LEDs flash automatically to warn other drivers that you are indeed turning. No relays needed, no special wiring - just a fit and forget replacement. They give a nice rich bright amber look. They will not wash out the colour of your semaphores.

Suitable for negative earth and positive earth vehicles, these LEDs are not polarity sensitive. 36mm total length and super slim to fit easily but securely into SF80 style sempahore arms. SV7.

The price is for a single 12 volt LED. Please select how many you need. 6 volt available on our other items (part number 6v36flash).

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Part Number: 12V36FLASH

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Customer Reviews

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John knott

Impressed, will use them again


Extremely fast delivery


Brilliant arrived very fast and solved a major issue.
Flashing led bulbs for trafficators work as it says on the tin.

Grant Thomson
What a great idea

What a great idea to come up with a bulb that flashes for a trafficator definitely a safer option well done easy to replace original bulb

Peter Wood
Fantastic product

The Self Flashing Trafficator LED is a brilliant product. It neatly replaces the filament bulb in my A30's trafficators and works perfectly. It's a bargain for the price and also arrived very quickly. One very happy customer.