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Classic Car Leds

T15 955 W16W Amber Yellow Canbus LED 80W Cree 9.5d Capless Wedge 921

T15 955 W16W Amber Yellow Canbus LED 80W Cree 9.5d Capless Wedge 921

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This is a single 12V 80W 16 x Cree bright yellow / amber LED Bulb. They are designed to provide a bright amber for use as an indicator. 

The LEDs are 47mm long from top to the bottom of the contact and brighter than the standard filament bulbs. They will work with vehicles 12 negative earth. They are not polarity sensitive.

This T15/194/W16W CREE LED bulb has an output wattage of 80W, the new maximum available in the T15/194/W16W CREE range. CREE LEDs are the brightest LED bulbs currently available on the market and really are a true innovation within the automotive industry.

This particular CREE LED model is designed to fit in sockets T15/194/W16W and comes fitted with CREE LED chips along with a projector lens housing 4 chips for that additional LED brightness at a much greater distance than ever before. This bulb also has CREE LEDs fitted to the sides of each bulb to ensure maximum light output within your light cluster/housing.

These bulbs are canbus error free so can be used in modern cars too though
not guaranteed suitable for VW/Audi/Mercedes/Alfa/ Vauxhall Adam as they can be more sensitive on some models. Although the vast majority of our customers do not experience any problems, with any aftermarket bulb and especially LEDs, it is not always possible to exactly match your own vehicle's canbus system. This can even vary from vehicle to vehicle with the same make and model. This may lead to bulb failure warnings being shown. If this is the case you will need to purchase ballast resistors which will solve the problem. We have these available - please see our other items. You may also need to upgrade your flasher relay to one of our electronic relays due to the low current draw of LEDs.
These bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours and are vibration resistant so no worries about having to replace them again anytime soon.

These LEDs are CE and ROHS approved.
Our LEDs are all high quality and made to our own demanding specifications.
We believe in fair pricing and are confident you will not get a better price unless you want to compromise on the quality or life of your LEDs.
12 Month Warranty against Manufacturing Fault

All prices shown exclude UK VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Part Number: 12VT15YELL80W

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Hawkes
Perfect bulbs, Excellent service

As per usual for ClassicCarLEDs, the bulbs are of a far higher quality - Both in feel and function than cheap chinese / ebay examples.

They're as bright as can be expected, and a perfect crisp amber. - And I expect they'll last far better than the Ebay bulbs I had before!

As usual, service is also excellent - very efficient!

Fantastic bulbs

Have four W16W halogen indicator bulbs at the rear of my Lexus LS600HL, ordered the last two they had in stock, speedy delivery and when I fitted the two on one side at rear, along with the resistors purchased with the bulbs. They were super bright, nice colour, not yellowish, but more amber which is what I've been trying to achieve with other cheaper alternatives but to no success.
These indicator LEDs are perfect, no hyperflash, only problem I have now is when ClassicCarLeds have more in stock as I need another two for the other side rear. Super job ClassicCarLeds, will be re-ordering immediately when you have them back in stock!

Barry Sallis
Super Bright

Having changed my rear lights on my civic I found the new lights wouldn't take my original LED indicator bulbs. So I found Classic Car LEDs online I ordered a 2 x t15 cree led bulbs 80 watt .they arrived next morning. Put the new LEDs in wow they look fantastic so bright nice clean look being silver in clear lens. very well made perfect fit no dashboard alarms being canbus. I used resisters to stop hyper flashing excellent product fast delivery . Longevity only time will tell but with a 2 year guarantee you can't go wrong very happy. Baz