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Austin Healey 3000 LED Bulb Upgrade Kit

Austin Healey 3000 LED Bulb Upgrade Kit

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We have produced a simple kit to upgrade all the standard fit bulbs for your car. The kit comprises a choice of interior bulbs, exterior bulbs (with or without headlights) or both. Options are included for the following models:

BN1, BN2, BN4, BN6, BN7, BT7, BJ7, BJ8 to (B)76137 with dual filament front sidelights and the BJ8 (B)766138 onwards which has separate sidelights and indicators.

When ordering, please make it clear which colour LEDs you need where options are given. This information can be added at checkout in order notes or by sending us an email.

The hyperlinks below will take you to the individual recommended products should you wish to purchase them only rather than the complete kit.

Bulb Use Number of Bulbs Lucas Reference Colour Options
Gauges 4 GLB987 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Ignition Warning DO NOT REPLACE
Indicator Warning Bulbs 2 (BJ8), 1 (BN, BT, BJ7) GLB987 Green
Main Beam Warning 1 GLB987 Blue
Headlights 2 H4 White, Warm White
Front Fog 2 P36S Not included in the kit - bulbs under development
Indicator Bulbs BJ8 (B)76138 on Only 4 GLB382 Amber
Indicator Relay 1 3 Pin Relay
Stop / Tail 2 GLB380 Red
Front Sidelight / Indicator BN, BT, BJ7, BJ8 to (B)76137 2 GLB380 White, Warm White
or Dual White/Amber
or Dual Warm White/Amber
Front Sidelight BJ8 (B)76138 on  2 GLB207 White, Warm White
Number Plate 2 GLB989 White, Warm White

These LEDs are available in negative and positive earth versions. Please select the required option as the LED bulbs and relays are all polarity sensitive and will not work with the opposite polarity.

If you need anything changed on this list, please call us on 0800 246 5678 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.

All prices shown exclude UK and EU VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Generic Part Number: HEALEY3000

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Customer Reviews

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Neil Trelenberg
61 Austin Healey 3000 (positive ground)

The packaging and attention to detail, putting it all together, was very impressive as were the quality of the bulbs. I was so excited I started changing the bulbs immediately, starting with the red brake light LED's. I changed one then compared it with the other existing (which was a halogen bulb) and the red LED was noticeably brighter. Your recommendation of red LED’s for the red glass beehives was perfect as was the warm white LED’s for the clear glass beehives in the front. While I’m at it, the warm white dash lights are perfect as well…certainly brighter than the originals. Now the original reason for ordering…..the headlights! It was almost a shame to take them out of the box as they would have been good enough to display on a coffee table. The first one I changed I turned the heat sink around thinking that it would be too wide to fit in the basket but it actually fits both ways so I left them the way they came. I was concerned that everything would not fit behind the lens but it all did. I tried the lights after I changed one and the difference, in broad daylight, was staggering to say the least. Putting in the second only took minutes after doing the first. Even the rubber sealing boot that covered the back of the original H4's fit perfectly. Not much more to say but thank you Duncan, well done. I will pass this info along to other British Car clubs in the area.