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Compact LED Headlight H4 P43T 472 Motorcycle Hi/Lo Beam Conversion 9-32v

Compact LED Headlight H4 P43T 472 Motorcycle Hi/Lo Beam Conversion 9-32v

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This is a single top quality compact, H4 LED headlight made with the latest CSP chips and produce a clean white focused light with no glare and a very well defined beam that replicates the low and main beam pattern of a standard H4 halogen bulb. Each LED has 16 x CSP chips on it making them extremely effective.

Small and compact, with the base just 8mm longer than a standard H4 halogen bulb so ideal for smaller spaces where you are looking for a truly plug and play design.

IP 68 Waterproof and vibration proof , they are manufactured from aviation grade aluminium so are built to last. These LEDs have no separate control unit and plug directly into your H4 wiring block. Being compact they are great for kit cars or cars with small headlights.

Each LED has been specifically designed to mimic the dimensions of a standard H4 Halogen bulb. As a result, you can be confident that they will produce an improved brighter and whiter light that will not dazzle other road users. In addition the reach of the beam (how far you can see ahead) is very good and will provide an all round much improved performance over halogen bulbs.

Suitable for left hand and right hand drive vehicles with DC electrical supply to ensure the correct beam pattern, these can be universally fitted with ease and are a simple plug and play solution with no changes to your existing wiring, they plug into your existing H4 socket.

They switch on immediately to give you instant light at maximum brightness. There is no cooling fan, so therefore no moving parts to fail. Heat generated is dissipated via the aluminium body which has a copper core.

These LEDs are not polarity sensitive so will work with negative and positive earth vehicles.
We use these headlight LEDs on our own cars so know the benefits these bulbs have and how easy they are to fit.

Colour: Pure White 6000-6500K (standard halogen is 3500-4000k)
Voltage: 9-32V DC will suit 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles
Lumen: 1500 main beam (standard halogen is around 1200 Lumen)
1100 dipped beam (standard halogen is around 700 Lumen)
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Current Drawn: 1.8 Amps (standard halogen uses 5 Amps) - power drawn dramatically reduced

Our LEDs are all high quality and made to our own demanding specifications. We believe in fair pricing and are confident you will not get a better price unless you want to compromise on the quality or life of your LEDs.

24 Month Warranty against Manufacturing Fault

The MOT rules have been clarified from 06.02.23 to allow the use of LED conversions that pass the beam pattern tests for headlights for Class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles (car, private bus and light commercial vehicle) first used before 1 April 1986 and all class 1 and 2 motorcycles of any age.

All prices shown exclude UK VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Part Number: 12VH4C

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Colin Don
Service and use.

I’ve been really pleased with this bulb, but it developed a fault, movement near the base where the connections are and it failed.
I was pleasantly surprised when I contacted classic car leds to purchase a replacement and was informed that it was guaranteed for 2 years. It was replaced with no fuss or bother free of charge.
These bulbs are great. On dipped beam it’s brilliant, on main the beam the light is a little diffused but this may be my lamps reflector.

Mitch Paris
Nice lamp

Went for the compact bulb, but unfortunately due to the way the headlight nacelle is fitted to the Royal Enfield Bullet C4, there just isn't enough room to fit it in with the standard wiring block connector on the back. The back of the bulb, once connected, presses on the speedo cable, making it jam. I had an old harness for an H4 bulb. I removed the terminals from the plastic block, and push fitted them directly to the bulb. Although I only have and old fashioned 7inch headlight on the RE Bullet, the LED bulb is the difference between night and day. Great investment, especially through the darker months. All fits snugly now, and highly recommend this upgrade.

Paul Martin
Brilliant 🤣

Absolutely perfect, replaces the standard bulb with no modifications to the wiring of my GSXS 1000, thrilled with the service and build quality.

Dave Bryon
Just the job for a '92 Ford Fiesta Sea Spray

Just the job for my son's Ford Fiesta Sea Spray. The improvement from the original very dim dipped beam and high beam is brilliant... can actually see where he is going now in our country lanes. Straight swop for the original bulbs, no fuss.The ice white sets the car off very well. Ordering process was first class with a very helpful guy on a call.Bulbs arrived two days later here in Jersey. Price was spot on and the quality of the units appear very good indeed. Great service all round , will be back for LEDs for my S2a Landy !

Colin Don
Colin on 12.05.21. P43T 472 motorcycle LED bulb

Had to modify the retaining spring to fit new bulb as bulb back was slightly thicker, no real problem.
The light is noticeably brighter than the old H4. I need to try it in the dark but it should be an improvement over the H4 on night sections of long distance trials. This will also test how robust they are.
I did have concerns about the heat generated but I was informed that it should be less than the old H4, I’ll check this out.
Good fast service from ordering to delivery.