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Diode Harness Kit for LED Indicator Turn Signal Warning Light Fix Kit

Diode Harness Kit for LED Indicator Turn Signal Warning Light Fix Kit

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Easy to install harness kit to stop Sympathy Flash which occurs when your existing wiring for your single warning light (tell tale) transfers sufficient current to the opposite side of your LED indicators to light both sides at the same time which ever way you are turning and act like hazard lights.

For Motorcycles or Cars with a single signal indicator light on dash. Not suitable for warning lights that are attached to a printed circuit.

A simple test to see whether you need this diode harness fitted, is to remove the indicator warning light bulb on your dash. If the indicators/signals flash normally then a diode kit should be fitted. Diodes are small electrical components which allow current to flow in one direction only and stop the current going where it is not wanted.

All connections supplied, no soldering needed. Full instructions on how to install the kit will be sent to ensure easy installation.

Available for negative and positive earth (ground) vehicles. These are polarity specific so please ensure you choose the correct polarity for your vehicle from the drop down menu.

All prices shown exclude UK VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Part Number: FIXKIT

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