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Jaguar E-Type XKE LED Bulb Upgrade Kit - Full or Part Car

Jaguar E-Type XKE LED Bulb Upgrade Kit - Full or Part Car

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We have produced a simple kit to upgrade all the standard fit bulbs for your car.  This kit is for the S1 FHC UK  Specification (we have kits available for all types so please email us for the details and prices for others) and comprises of the following shown in the table below.  The hyperlinks provided below will take you to the individual recommended products. 

When ordering, please make it clear which colour LEDs you need where options are given.  This detail can be provided in the order notes section of your shopping cart or by emailing them to us.  Kits are available in positive or negative earth, please also advise which you need in the order notes as the LEDs and flasher units are generally polarity sensitive.  

If you have hazard lights fitted and are upgrading your indicators you will also need to add a 3 pin hazard relay with the appropriate earth from our relays selection.

The LEDs supplied will be as per original factory fit and are based on the above only.  There are various XKE models available depending on year of build and the market they are designed for.  As a result it cannot be assumed that this kit is 100% accurate for your vehicle. If your vehicle is not a S1 UK Spec FHC, please contact us for details of kits for other builds.  If you have upgraded your connectors or loom the fittings may have changed.  Therefore if you need anything added to or changed on this list, please call us on 0800 246 5678 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.

Function Lucas Reference Number Supplied Colour Options
Headlights H4 2 White, Warm White
Front Sidelights GLB989 2 White, Warm White
Indicator Bulbs GLB382 4 Amber
Indicator Relay 3 Pin 1 -
Hazard Relay 3 Pin 1 Please order if Required - click here
Reverse GLB382 1 White, Warm White
Stop Tail GLB380 2 Red
Number Plate GLB207 2 White, Warm White
Speedometer GLB987 2 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Main Beam Warning GLB987 1 Blue
Fuel Warning GLB987 1 Warm White
Rear Window Warning GLB987 1 Warm White
Ignition Warning DO NOT CHANGE
Brake/HBrake Warning DO NOT CHANGE
Rev Counter GLB987 2 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
52mm Gauges GLB987 4 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Indicator Warning GLB987 2 Green
Clock GLB281 1 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Choke Warning GLB987 1 Red
Instrument Switch Panel GLB281 3 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Heater Illumination GLB281 1 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Interior GLB989 3 White, Warm White


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Generic Part Number: E-TYPEKIT

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andy Courtney
Highly impressed can't wait to switch on the lights.

After reading many reviews and talking to the chaps at TR Bitz (Who have fitted a few of these kits) plus the usual trawling around the web and magazines. The plunge was taken I ordered a full car kit for my '65 Series 1. An email to finalise the colours I required and much to my disbelief a few days later a parcel, even after the good peoples summer break.

You can always tell how much pride there is in a product when opening a box, and in this lots of it. All packed neatly and labeled, even colour coding on the Led's a very clear guide to fitting the Headlamp Led's. Impressed, my word I am.

Now to install them (Thats the hard part). Great service and great comunications.There are lots of other people out there who sell Led's for motor vehicles, but quality, service and presentation seriously tip the balance highly.
It's rare these days to find people who take pride in their product, Classic Car Led's do and I salute them.

Martin Spurling
Great product supported by fantastic service and knowledge

I upgraded my 1967 E Type Roadster with LEDs in both the interior and exterior lights - wow, what a transformation and so should have bitten the bullet on this before!

The lights are truly much brighter and add a whole new level of safety, enjoyment and class to the whole car and driving experience - and all for £200.

The best part of this upgrade, however, was not shown on the website products page as its the outstanding service, support and knowledge from Duncan and the team in ClassCarLEDs - they talked me through the choices of LEDs I needed, double checked my light colours, got them shipped to me really quick, and then supported the guy in the garage I use to work through some of the challenges in adapting parts of my car to accept the new LEDs. I could not have done this without them - many thanks guys!

Jeremy Bradshaw
Superb products and service

I have replaced every incandescent bulb I could (I. E. Not headlamps or ignition warning light) with LEDs on my 67 E type S1 during its restoration. I am delighted with the results. The exterior lights are far brighter but the warm white means they do not look out of place. Instruments are highly legible at night. And there is great comfort in knowing the lights are drawing far less current and nothing is going to melt. Excellent and expert service from Duncan. Many thanks!

Richard Govier
Great Service and good value

I have just replaced all interior and exterior bulbs on my E- Type and with the help and knowledge of CCL I am extremely pleased with results. I can now see and be seen with confidence. Great service and good value.