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P15D APF RP35D American Pre Focus LED Headlight Upgrade LLB1001, LLB1002, LLB1003 6 volt 12 volt DC No polarity

P15D APF RP35D American Pre Focus LED Headlight Upgrade LLB1001, LLB1002, LLB1003 6 volt 12 volt DC No polarity

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Our all new innovative design that will greatly help you with your night time driving pleasure.

P15D APF headlamp LED suitable for all 6, 12 and 24 volt vehicles with DC electrical systems. These are NOT suitable for AC systems. They are also not suitable for Tripod style headlamps as the centre cap of the tripod blocks the beam from these LEDs.

No polarity issues as they are suitable for negative and positive earth systems. They have fantastic light output and a very defined level pattern dipped beam with a full bright main beam. These will transform your evening and night time driving experience.

A simple plug and play fitment that is a direct replacement for your existing lamps. The design produces its own focused beam of light so it really does not matter what condition your reflectors are in either. They run cooler than incandescent lamps and draw around 75% less current. When fitting the lamps, ensure the black centre line is at the top of the lamp. An Allen Key is provided to allow you to adjust the beam so that it is level by undoing the 2 grub screws, carefully rotating the head of the lamp slightly until you reach the desired level and re-tightening them. Please take care not to over twist the LED and damage the internal connections.

These are available in 2 colour temperatures. 3000 kelvin which is a classic warm white, similar to the incandescents, for a period look. For a more modern look, choose 4300 kelvin which is similar in colour output to a modern halogen lamp. Both are as bright as each other so choose the look you prefer. Total lamp length 62mm.

The price is for one LED. Please order how many you need and the colour temperature from the drop down menu above.

12 month warranty on this product.

All prices shown exclude UK or EU VAT which will be added at checkout together with postage where appropriate.

Part Numbers : P15D3000, P15D4300

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