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Classic Car LEDs

Strong Canbus DRL Daylight Running Light White LED 1156 P21W 382

Strong Canbus DRL Daylight Running Light White LED 1156 P21W 382

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Our strongest Canbus DRL LED, drawing as close as possible, without compromising the life of the LED, to 21W to fool modern canbus systems.

This is for a single 66 x 2016 smd Bright White 6000k LED. They will greatly enhance the look of your car.

This is for a single LED. Please select the number you require from the drop down menu.

Suitable for many cars or motorcycles or applications that have the standard BA15S P21W fitting.

These LEDs typically last up to 50,000 hours and are vibration resistant so no worries about having to replace them again anytime soon. 12 Month Warranty against build issues.

These are CANBUS compatible in the majority of cases and although unlikely with these, some vehicles still require extra load to stop bulb out warnings. This is not a fault with the LEDs as CANBUS systems do vary and it is impossible to match all. Ballast resistors can be purchased from us at very competitive prices if you do get a bulb out warning light

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Part Number: 12V1156CANWHDRL

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Craig Lavi
Excellent bulbs

These bulbs are amazing. The lighting difference between these and my old halogen bulbs is like chalk and cheese. It feels like I am lighting up half my street when I select reverse.
A big thanks also to Duncan who patiently talked me thru the whole process of selection for these and the stop / tail bulbs I also bought. His knowledge and customer service are a bench mark for what we should be getting as customers.
I can only say a big " thank you Duncan " and wholeheartedly recommend him and his products.
I know where to go to when I convert my wife's Qashqai to LEDs....!

Ian Bridges
DRL LED for 2012 Skoda Superb

These work perfectly for my Skoda, the DRL lights now colour match the o/e HID headlamps, looking much better, and no error codes. (Previous ebay COB lights were useless, failing in a week, and heat damaging the sockets)