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Triumph TR7 TR8 LED Bulb Upgrade Kit

Triumph TR7 TR8 LED Bulb Upgrade Kit


We have produced a simple kit to upgrade all the standard fit bulbs for your car.  The kit comprises a choice of interior bulbs, exterior bulbs (with or without headlights) or both.  If you are only looking for individual items, please follow the links under the colour options which will take you to the relevant items:

 Bulb Use Number of Bulbs Lucas Reference Colour Options
Instrument Panel 4 GLB504 Green, White, Warm White, Blue, Red
Switch Panel 2 GLB286 White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Heater Control 4 GLB281 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Cigar Lighter 1 GLB643 White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red
Dash Warnings 12 GLB286  1x Blue, 2x Green, 6x Red, 3x Yellow
Interior Roof 1 GLB272 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Interior Map Light 1 GLB239 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Courtesy Door Lamp 2 GLB239 White, Warm White, Blue, Green
Luggage Compartment 1 GLB256 (SV6.8) White, Warm White,
Headlights # 2 H4 WhiteWarm White
Front Sidelights (Park) 2 GLB989 White, Warm White
Front Indicator (Turn) 2 GLB382 Amber
Front Side Marker 2 GLB504 Amber
Rear Side Marker 2 GLB504 Red
Rear Tail (Park) 2 GLB207 Red
Stop Light 2 GLB382 Red
Rear Indicator (Turn) 2 GLB382 Amber
Reverse (Back Up) 2 GLB382 White
Number (Licence) Plate 2 GLB239 White, Warm White
Rear Fog Light 1 GLB382 Red
Flasher / Hazard Relays 2 2 Pin See Link for Details


# - Please check your headlight fitting before ordering, some early cars had sealed beam units which can only be upgraded if you purchase replacement H4 halogen units.

When ordering, please make it clear which colour bulbs you need where options are given.  

Please do not change your ignition warning light to LED.  This can cause issues with your charging circuit.

If you need anything changed on this list, please call us on 0800 246 5678 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.



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